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Understanding Hypnotherapy

Welcome to the world of healing and wellness. Today I will be demystifying the world of Psychotherapy, starting with the one that’s assumed to be the most mystical, Hypnotherapy. Though the word, Hypnosis conjures up bizarre images of stage acts, magic and mind control, Hypnotherapy in reality is a type of complementary or alternative therapy, […]

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Social Anxiety Disorder

Did you know that there are over 264 million adults in the world dealing with anxiety, of which Social Anxiety Disorder is the most common? Did you also know that it affects mostly girls and women and that most would have developed the condition as early as age, 11? Unfortunately, most people don’t take social anxiety disorder seriously, whether

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Do You Seek a Therapist Only When you Have a Problem?

Do you seek a Therapist only when you have a problem, a disorder or an issue? The answer is no. Therapy and therapists have changed over the years. Though Psychology traditionally dealt with problems and disorders of the human mind, the new trends in Psychology have changed the way Therapy is practised. The latest (and

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