About Prionka Ray


Prionka Ray

A Singapore based author, facilitator and communication consultant, Prionka is involved in various community programmes in various capacity.  A TED Ed speaker, and Founding Director of Sequel, she has delivered talks and workshops in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. She is also the Managing Partner for Little Events and a Volunteer-Mentor to teens-at-risk with the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), Singapore. She mentors adults and families through Enable a Family Programme and through Sequel mentoring sessions as well. Her qualifications are in the fields of Speech Arts Communication, Advertising & PR, Speech & Drama, Design Thinking, Linguistics & Psychology. A listener by nature, learner by choice and an advocate for social cause, she believes in collaborations for a better world. Prionka’s book, Sia was published in 2012.


To connect, contribute or to promote ideas/ events/ books/ cause: rayprionka@gmail.com

To reach out to In-Group Support Group for Youth: ingrouphelp@gmail.com

Enquiries on writing, workshops or consultancy services: sequelsingapore@gmail.com

To enquire about community involvement programmes & events: littleeventssg@gmail.com


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