About Prionka Ray

A Singapore based author, facilitator, mentor and consultant, Prionka’s expertise is in combining creativity, communication & Positive Psychology. A wellbeing expert, A TED Ed speaker, and Founding Director of Sequel, she has delivered talks and conducted workshops on Self-esteem, Creative Communication, Creative Problem solving, Parenting etc., in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. She is also the Co-creator of the Self Development & Coaching Programme, Story of Me, Managing Partner for Little Events and Founder of InGroup Support Group for Youth. Her focus is on the overall development of an individual and she helps teens & adults to lead an inspired life and to flourish in every way. Prionka is also a registered Volunteer-Mentor to teens-at-risk with the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF), Singapore and a mediator for families. A lifelong learner, she has 2 Bachelor’s degrees, 1 post graduation and multiple certifications. Her qualifications are in the fields of Psychology, Speech Arts Communication, Advertising & PR, Speech & Drama, Design Thinking, Linguistics & she’s currently pursuing Psychotherapy & Solution Focused Therapy. A listener by nature, learner by choice and an advocate for social cause, she believes in collaborations for a better world. Prionka writes for various publications and her book, Sia was published in 2012.


To connect, contribute or to promote ideas/ events/ books/ cause: rayprionka@gmail.com

To reach out to In-Group Support Group for Youth: ingrouphelp@gmail.com

Enquiries on individual mentoring sessions, writing services, workshops or consultancy services: sequelsingapore@gmail.com

To enquire about community involvement programmes & events: littleeventssg@gmail.com

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