About Prionka Ray

Prionka Ray


Prionka is a Psychotherapist and a Coach to teens and adults. She is also an author, consultant and the Founding Director of Sequel Counselling, Communications & Consultancy. She is the co-creator of the Story of Me Programme  and a registered Volunteer-Mentor for vulnerable groups at the Ministry of Social & Family Development (Singapore). She is involved in various community projects and works with individuals, families and groups. 

Prionka offers consultancy for projects that promote collaborations, positivity and goodwill, and has conceptualised and created many programmes and conferences over the years. Prionka writes for various publications and her book Sia, was published in 2012. 

Prionka’s qualifications are in the fields Advertisement & PR, Speech Communication Arts, Positive Psychology, and Psychotherapy. She is also trained in Speech Communications Arts, Speech & Drama and Creative Problem Solving. She believes in learning without boundaries and weaves in her experience and expertise to bring newer insights and richer perspectives to all her work.

Prionka offers both Self Development and counselling sessions. Her approach is collaborative and integrated. Her focus is on:

Strengths & Self-discovery

Inner conflicts & Decision making

Motivation & Excellence 

She offers Crisis Consultations for issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, lack of purpose, psychological pain, problems in relationships, lack of motivation, etc. Prionka also assists kids and teens in periods of confusion and crisis, and works with parents to address parenting issues. She is trained in Positive Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Family & Marital Counselling.

A mum to two adult daughters, Prionka volunteers at various welfare organisations, roles for which she was recently featured in a book.


Prionka is based in Singapore and is available for consultations in-person. She also provides online consultations for those outside Singapore. 

To book an appointment for individual/ online sessions (well-being, growth or crisis consultation): rayprionka@gmail.com

Story of Me Coaching Programme for women: storyofmeworkshop@gmail.com

Concept creation or consultancy: sequelsingapore@gmail.com

In-Group Support Group for Youth: ingrouphelp@gmail.com

Community involvement programmes & events: littleeventssg@gmail.com

Watch Prionka’s interview here

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