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This is an informal, collaborative and confidential therapeutic space for teens, adults and families. Please stop by if you are looking for counselling- therapy, mentoring, coaching or purpose-driven growth.

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Counselling & Therapy

Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Have a relationship issue or a family problem? Need someone to talk to? Talk things through in a non-judgemental safe space.

Growth & Development

This session is recommended for those who wish to live up to their full potential, and for those looking for motivation, purpose or just a burst of inspired energy. Expect goal-setting, creative problem solving and holistic approach.

Monthly Mentoring sessions

Doing good and want to do better? Stay on track and create the life you want to live. Monthly check-in and mentoring available for teens and adults.

Parenting & Family issues

Get tips and advice on family and parenting issues, with effective tips on communication, discipline, and relationships.

Single Session

Are you overwhelmed or cluttered emotionally? The session provide a supporting place for you to de-stress and tide things through.

Corporate Coaching

Mental well-being, stress-relief, self-awareness, leadership bias, crisis management, communication, parenting and interpersonal skills.

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How does this work?

My mantra is to simplify well-being by integrating concepts from creativity, communication & Psychology. It means that you and I will work together to focus more on the positives. It also means that I will use my experience and expertise from diverse fields to help you tap your maximum potential. I believe in holistic growth and yours and your family’s well-being remains a priority. Contact me for an obligation free chat

Why do I need a therapist?

Traditionally, Psychology only addressed mental disorders and illnesses but modern Psychology assists people to improve their lives and increase well-being to reach their full potential. The shift from ‘patients’ to ‘clients’ is indicative of this change. Therapy is open and beneficial for all. 

Sessions are especially recommended if:

  • You have been diagnosed with a mental health condition 
  • You feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with stress or issues in your daily life
  • You are going through a big life change or event eg. death of a loved one, separation, birth, critical illness, traumatic event, job loss etc.
  • You have constant fatigue and hopelessness
  • You experience unexplained physical aches and pains- headaches, backaches, muscle & joint aches, stiffness, digestion issues, insomnia etc (with no medical diagnosis)
  • You experience anxiety, rage, resentment, and intrusive thoughts often
  • You lack motivation, and have intense procrastination that is affecting your daily life
  • You always withdraw socially 
  • You are experiencing relationship or parenting issues
  • You have situational conflicts or confusions in your work or family life
  • You want to build self-awareness and work on patterns that hamper your growth and success
  • You have unresolved childhood issues
  • You want to find your purpose and lead a self-actualised life
  • You want to find a way to let go
  • You need a safe-space, an objective view and a sounding board

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Clients & Collaborators


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"It is such a soothing experience to speak to Prionka. Extremely empathetic and a great listener. Absolutely did not feel judged and it is so relieving sharing concerns with her. Prionka, thank you so much for your empathy and for providing a safe space to share everything freely. It is an amazing experience after coming back from the session."

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"The calm energy which Prionka has, helped me feel secure around her. I also felt she did ask questions which help me identify where I may still be people pleasing and I did come out with some solutions around the same. Thank you for being uniquely you and keeping the warmth intact as humans before being a therapist."

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"Prionka is very friendly and approachable counsellor. She addresses our issues very efficiently, also helps in finding out solutions, bringing out our hidden talents and boosting our confidence again. I will highly recommend her services to everyone. Thank you dear Prionka for all your help, support and valuable guidance. Really appreciate it! I felt much much better after each and every session."

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Noor Quek NQ International PTE. LTD.

“Prionka is efficient, meticulous, culturally sensitive and very adaptable. She delivers promptly and is a delightful team player. A joy to work with.”

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Nomita Dhar​ Managing Director & Editor-In-Chief, Sun Media​

“Prionka Ray is a through professional and an intelligent resource. It has been my privilege to have access to this amazing powerhouse of intellect, level hardness and dependability. I would like to put on record my gratitude for your work and dedication which lead to the success of World Opportunities Forum. Wishing you all the best in all of the 1000 hats you wear and looking forward to more opportunities, more successes together.”

user, icon, person-2935527.jpg
Neha Lad Co-Founder at Boutique Society. ​

“Prionka is one of the most talented and dedicated persons I know. I have worked with her across many companies and it has always been a wonderful experience. She has a strong discipline of hard work and never fails to impress- a true professional in every sense of the word.”

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"My daughter felt quite comfortable in the discussions. She felt she was being listened to and understood. I was able to reach Prionka quite easily to get her feedback on how the counselling was progressing, and got very specific and clear feedback."

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"Sessions with Ms. Prionka definitely felt like a safe space. I could speak freely without being judged and she gave me effective strategies to address my issues. It felt good speaking to someone who could listen well and help me, without me feeling that I was burdening them."

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"Prionka's approach is practical. Her solutions and perspectives are original things that I had not thought of before. It was reassuring. Talking to her made a big difference to m

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"Thanks a lot Prionka for a very structured introspective decision making session - made me introspect a lot! Provided a different perspective about my personality and hence the choices thereof. Definitely very helpful."

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"It helped me in clarity and it helped me to deal with issues better. Prionka helped create a safe space between us and it helped in making me feel comfortable. Prionka, thank you for everything. Would love a last session but all in all thank you for helping me through a hard time."

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"Prionka provides me with a very safe space and warm space. I feel free to say almost everything to her, and she receives everything I tell her with incredible understanding and empathy. She is very good at listening to and understanding my struggles and problems. I have rarely ever felt this comfortable and safe being vulnerable with someone, which I think was a big one for me."

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"My daughter couldn't even speak up in class and now received the 'Best Orator' award for year end. Credit to you, Prionka for making a bolder person out of her."

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"My daughter was going through a tough time with her friends in school. They were ganging up against her and wouldn't tell her the reason. This affected my daughter very much. Her self confidence had completely gone. She would prefer to be at home around me all the time. We could see the impact on her grades as well as on her health. Finally after 2-3 months of this trauma we decided to take her to a mentor. We met Prionka through a common friend. She got my daughter to open up and analyse her feelings and thoughts. She taught her ways to handle a stressful situation. We could see the change in my daughter and how she perceived things differently. She has developed her self confidence and has many good friends now. We would like to thank and recommend Prionka to everyone."

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"What worked - Her consistent attention to my concerns for my girl. She would answer my worries whenever I texted her. She would try to make time whenever I needed her. Prionka, thanks for your great care. My girl has improved from her anxiety tremendously."