Finding Your True Self

Identity, in Psychology relates to self-image, self-esteem, and individuality. Identity encompasses the memories, experiences, values, relationships, and beliefs that create the sense of self. In short, it’s an understanding of who we are and who we can become. Identity, the topic that I love speaking about and a pet project for years. The more I... Continue Reading →


I Gathered What I Needed

Prionka Ray: A Better World

From things, tangible and intangible, I gather what I need. And then I walk under the blue sky, lighter in steps, unhindered and free. I am done paying my dues, and I am done fighting the battles. But I am done now, and as I lay down my arms, my mask, and my armour, I let the runners pass me by. They run past with their shiny badges, picking up speed. But then their road is not mine to take. Their lofty promises are not mine to make. Their goals, they weigh me down. Their shiny baubles, they blind my eyes. So, I shy away. But a few noble ones extend their hands magnanimously. I feel awed by their presence. I am dwarfed by their stature. I am grateful of this gesture, I say.

But I am done treading paths not mine, so, thanks, but I will stay.  Then…

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