I combine concepts of creative problem solving, storytelling and Psychology to help you find your balance, purpose and untapped potential

Hello and thanks for being here!

Wellbeing is for all, whether it is preventive, early intervention or therapy (read more here). So, I am glad to see you prioritising yourself.

The simple fact is that the more you know yourself, the more you will be able to control your thoughts, emotions and the direction your life takes. So, helping you to become self-aware is at the core of everything I do.

Along with traditional counselling & therapy, I offer self-development sessions to increase motivation, initiate growth and protect you against stress and anxieties. And if all that you need is just a place to clear your mind, then that’s possible too. A safe and positive space is available to all.

Please connect at rayprionka@gmail.com if you have questions/ concerns.

Available Sessions (Online sessions & Face-to-Face)

Wellbeing, Growth and Self Development

Crisis Consultation & Therapy

Teen Mentoring & Coaching



Watch Video

Body Image & Self Esteem. Conversation with RJ Pavitra.

Prionka Ray’s Interview. In conversation with Hemali 

Prionka interviews Vanessa Lee for Story of Me Programme

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