What Every Parent Should Know

Most parents throw themselves in to parenting. They ensure the best of everything for their child. However, even a well-meaning & loving parent can sometimes miss out on these little things.

Bringing together some of the common issues that I see in my therapy & parenting sessions.

1. It’s great when parents & children have a strong bond. Just a gentle reminder that everyone needs a bit of space to do their own things, be independent & grow (whether you are a child, teen or an adult).

2. It’s good to share but even though children can share whatever they want, a parent must remember that a child (however mature) is not equipped to handle emotional dumping. It leaves a lasting effect. Unless, your child is an adult, don’t dump your problems on them.

3. Don’t make your child feel guilty for things that didn’t work out for you. They will carry the guilt for life.

4. Do things that make you happy, even if it means that you will be away from your child a bit. A happy parent is usually an effective parent. Take care of yourself so that your family gets the best of you.

Happy parenting!

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