“My daughter was going through a tough time with her friends in school. They were ganging up against her and wouldn’t tell her the reason. This affected my daughter very much. Her self confidence had completely gone. She would prefer to be at home around me all the time. We could see the impact on her grades as well as on her health. Finally after 2-3 months of this trauma we decided to take her to a mentor. We met Prionka through a common friend. Prionka is a very friendly and warm hearted person. She got my daughter to open up and analyze her feelings and thoughts. She taught her ways to handle a stressful situation. We could see the change in my daughter and how she perceived things differently. She has developed her self confidence and has many good friends now. We would like to thank and recommend Prionka to everyone.”


Neha Lad, Co-Founder@The Boutique Society

Prionka is one of the most talented and dedicated persons I know. I have worked with her across many companies and it has always been a wonderful experience. She has a strong discipline of hard work and never fails to impress- a true professional in every sense of the word. Prionka is an excellent writer. She is someone who takes complete ownership of her work and goes out of her way to deliver beyond expectation. If you need a remarkable copy, creative event concepts and strategic marketing /understanding, she is the one. Connect with her now!

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