Teen Mentoring & Coaching

I enjoy working with teens and have been mentoring teens, tweens and young adults since 2012.

The teen sessions can be for goal-setting, motivation, or just guidance. You can also book a session for a situational crisis, bullying incident, stress, anxiety, friend issues or communication break down in the family.

Teen mentoring sessions are informal session(s) to assist teens and tweens to navigate identity and role-confusion by allowing them a safe space to lay out their thoughts, blow off their steam and settle eventually in to a comfortable identity space. The sessions are recommended for every teen and tween so that the young worriers can stop worrying about who they are, where they fit in and instead focus their energy on being happy. A happy teen is a highly productive teen!

Please note that all our sessions are confidential and we do not breach the teen’s trust. However, I am closely connected to the parents and work in collaboration. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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