The Girl and the Teacup (Inspired by a true story)

When things go wrong, as sometimes they will, believe in magic. Believe in gratitude. Believe in yourself.  A small step is enough. Just the tea cup is enough.  Sharing a magical story with you all! The story is fictional but the magic is real. This was an amazing moment that I witnessed today. I was served... Continue Reading →

The Power Within: Interview with Van Lee, Founder, Van Lee Fitness

I first met Vanessa when she was a panelist for a women's conference that I was in the process of creating for Sun Media and the Indonesian Embassy. Vanessa was the youngest panelist there and we had clicked instantly. One day we got chatting at her gym. It was empty at the time and Van... Continue Reading →

My Interview. In Conversation with Hemali

I had the opportunity to share my views on transitions, commonalities in human nature and on the importance of knowledge without boundaries. I also spoke about my journey from a field of communication and creativity to that of Psychology and Creative Problem Solving. It has been an enriching experience to combine concepts from multiple fields... Continue Reading →

Story of Me

I believed in the power of conversations. I believed in the power of personal narrative and I also believed that people flourish in a supportive and positive environment. What I didn't know was how much. We started the Story of Me programme 8 months ago because we felt there is a need to provide a... Continue Reading →

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