Appreciate Some More Please!

Want to see a transformation? Appreciate someone just as they are. It's crazy tough but so, so worth it! When you start appreciating/ supporting/ complimenting someone, they begin to transform, they begin to flourish, and that too in a matter of days! I witnessed this again and again, and in all age groups. In fact,... Continue Reading →


Love. It sure gets me verbose, taciturn, introspective, meditative, skeptical and mushy, all at the same time. The definition of love has actually changed with my age and my understanding of the world, or perhaps the understanding of myself. When I was younger, a mere child, I lived surrounded by love, protected and nestled and... Continue Reading →

Spreading love

Come February, there are songs of love, thoughts of love and gifts of love. And of course, there's the love itself. February is the month when lovers rejoice, reminisce and revel. But whereas some hearts flutter, a few break, rejected. Nevertheless, love remains, somewhere, somehow, in some fluttering heart somewhere. As the world celebrates the month... Continue Reading →

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