Have You Tried Writing Your Worries Away?

I write. It’s a necessity of sorts. Whenever my mind is cluttered, I write. Whenever, I need to understand myself or a situation, I write. Whenever I need to heal, I write. The wisdom from come to me in the form of written words. Some of it is my logical self and some of it... Continue Reading →

Ways to Calm Yourself When stressed or Overwhelmed

Stress is inevitable and it's here to stay. So here are some ways to calm yourself down and not let stress engulf you. Many of these tips are easily done anywhere and at anytime. The rest are best done everyday to arm yourself against the ravages of a stressful life. Being calm is a wonderful... Continue Reading →

I am Fine

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com As the uncertaintIes of the times continue, I hear anxiety and worry in so many voices. There’s concern for loved ones far away, for people they couldn’t meet and for the future that has now strange and stretched timelines. So, the Sunday Times write up touched a chord with... Continue Reading →

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