Sequel Communications


Transforming Thoughts. Transforming Storylines.



Sequel is the after-story, the one that you are empowered to alter. We, at Sequel, ensure that we understand the back story before we get to work on the next narrative. Whether it is in our workshops, our writing, in the projects that we handle or in our conversations with the kids we mentor, we are judicious with words and cognizant of the context. We believe that empathy and creativity can transform thoughts and storylines, whether it is for individuals or for organisations.

We continue our philosophy of transforming thoughts in the community too, and through our non-profit initiative, In-Group, Support Group for Youth, we hope to increase awareness against bullying, stereotyping, and other issues of the young.

Services offered by Sequel:

Project & Event Management for social enterprises, educational institutions & SMEs

Writing Services & Communication Consultancy: Content writing, newsletters & corporate communications

Corporate Training: Customised programmes to encourage creativity, cooperation and team building.

Workshops: Communication, creative problem solving, empathy and self-esteem

Customised workshops addressing specific issues for teens and pre-teens (including bullying, stress, self image) are available too.


Individual Mentoring Sessions: We mentor. We have mentored teens-at-risk, teens with anxiety and stress issues, teens/ pre-teens who have been bullied, and mentored those who have low self -esteem. We have also mentored teens and families to bridge gaps. And, sometimes, we give up our mentoring role… to be just a listener. Contact to know more or to book mentoring sessions.

Sequel on Facebook

In-Group on Facebook

To reach out/ volunteer/ support In-Group, contact


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