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Individual sessions


Flourishing moves beyond simple happiness and well-being, instead it encompasses a more holistic perspective on what it means to feel well and happy. This session is recommended for those who wish to live up to their full potential, who are looking for motivation, purpose or just a burst of inspired energy. This introspective and energising session encourages self discovery and innovation. It focuses on aligning the self and the environment to harness full potential. Expect goal-setting, creative problem solving and holistic approach.

Growth sessions can be for the following:

Decision Making

Recommended for anyone going through a decision-making process, whether it involves making career choices, everyday personal choices, or big life decisions. The session uses a structured approach to gain clarity over self and situation. Using creative problem-solving tools and a guided narrative approach, the session(s) provides you with pillars to base your decision-making process on.

  Talk Things Out

The sessions provide a place for you to talk things out and de-stress. The sessions can be either on-going (depending on the issue) or it can also be a single session to help you calm down or gain clarity if you are overwhelmed or cluttered emotionally.

Teen Mentoring & Coaching

These informal session(s) assists teens and tweens to navigate identity and role confusion by allowing them a safe space to lay out their thoughts, blow off steam and settle eventually in to a comfortable identity space. Click here to know more.

Have questions? No worries! I am happy to have a (no obligation) chat first. Do write to rayprionka@gmail.com/ 98562830 to know more.


Face-to-Face Sessions

Online Sessions

Number of Sessions Needed

Between 1-6


Hourly charges apply. Please contact us to know more.

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