Interconnected Thoughts and Associations

On my morning commute today, I saw a man walking by the road. Dressed in black and denim, his strides hinted at a certain impatience along with an accompanying confidence. Perhaps, he is both. Just like my dad was. And long after the man had moved away from my line of vision, my gaze stayed glazed. The image continued to stay with... Continue Reading →


Bringing Contemporary Art to the Common Man

According to Director, Angelita Teo of the National Museum of Singapore, “History inspires art, and art develops our understanding of history and ourselves." Keeping this in mind, the National Museum brings in a new exhibition that includes more than 30 thought-provoking international artworks to Singapore. The show is curated in collaboration with the network of... Continue Reading →

Singapore International Festival of Arts-2016: Breaking Rules

The most exciting words at the press conference were the ones uttered by the Festival Director, Ong Keng Sen. The artists are going to “break the rules,” he said. Sitting in the Blue Room @ 1 Old Parliament Lane, I was instantly interested.  Goes without saying that art forms that communicate, challenge and instigate alternate... Continue Reading →

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