Teach Kids about Empathy

Empathy. I can't stress on it enough, and I can't stop talking about it. Thanks to TheAsian Parents Magazine for publishing my article. Read my original article here.  


Children’s Safety and the Swimming Pool

It's impossible to be around kids and not to worry about their safety. As a parent, educator, or even as a policy maker, the safety of the children remains a top priority.  Here's my write-up on the policy response to unsafe home pools. The article appears in Telegraph, Harvard University. Read the full article here.... Continue Reading →


What is fearless (to you)? When I asked this question to those around me, the answers differed. "It is the ability to speak the truth without hesitation." "It is the belief that I stand with the truth." "It is the ability to share my emotional and vulnerable moments with those close to me." "It's when you... Continue Reading →

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