If I have known you long enough or even if, you and I are recent acquaintances, chances are that I have met you at Orchard road for a coffee or a meal at some point of time. I love Orchard and I can't get enough of it. I love its vibe, its grace and its... Continue Reading →


What is fearless (to you)? When I asked this question to those around me, the answers differed. "It is the ability to speak the truth without hesitation." "It is the belief that I stand with the truth." "It is the ability to share my emotional and vulnerable moments with those close to me." "It's when you... Continue Reading →

Singapore International Film Festival: Fantasy & Female Empowerment

The longest running international festival in the region, the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is back in its the 27thedition to offer a ‘feast for the senses,’ with films that narrate unique stories from the region. This was announced by the Festival at a media conference held at the National Museum of Singapore on 27th... Continue Reading →

Cultures of the World: Javanese Baby Shower

Presenting Tujuh Bulanan, a traditional Javanese baby Shower where many of the age-old traditions are still maintained. I remain amazed at the beauty of rituals and traditions from around the world. My heartfelt thanks to Aster Lita, her friends and her family members who patiently explained each ritual to me and thanks also to IndoConnect... Continue Reading →

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