Grapho Therapy: Analysing Handwriting for Self-Development

The quest for a better life and for better human condition is constant and it usually takes two complimentary routes.  Removal of negative traitsAddition of positive traits Welcome to my world of wellbeing where I not only offer crisis consultations and Psychotherapy but also focus on different ways in which each and every individual can... Continue Reading →

Ways to Calm Yourself When stressed or Overwhelmed

Stress is inevitable and it's here to stay. So here are some ways to calm yourself down and not let stress engulf you. Many of these tips are easily done anywhere and at anytime. The rest are best done everyday to arm yourself against the ravages of a stressful life. Being calm is a wonderful... Continue Reading →

My Interview. In Conversation with Hemali

I had the opportunity to share my views on transitions, commonalities in human nature and on the importance of knowledge without boundaries. I also spoke about my journey from a field of communication and creativity to that of Psychology and Creative Problem Solving. It has been an enriching experience to combine concepts from multiple fields... Continue Reading →

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