Busy Bee: What’s New, Singapore?

79644Singapore is getting busier than ever. The number of things that you can see, eat, do and learn here seem to be growing, and growing and growing! Let no one ever say there’s nothing to do. Actually, some very hard working people work relentlessly (often behind the scenes) to make this such a buzzing city. And they are nice enough to send me a sneak peek every now & then. Ahem! Now, wouldn’t it be a waste to keep all these fabulous knowledge to myself? So, I am going to choose some these at random & share. Keep watching this space for more!

First, we Eat!!!


Champagne, Santa’s and Piñata Bashing – A taste of Christmas at Quayside

The Quayside restaurants are each adding a little Christmas magic to Robertson Quay this season with their festive new menus. From extravagant blowouts at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse to long light brunches at Mediterranean favourite, Summerlong, Quayside brings a vibrant riverfront atmosphere for groups of friends and families to relax and celebrate the festive season in style. Some of the restaurants are:

Champagne and Turkey at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Address: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, 1 Nanson Road #02-01

‘Mexmas’ at Super Loco

Address: Super Loco, The Quayside, #01-13

Santa Claus at Summerlong

Address: Summering, The Quayside, #01-04

Celebrate a ‘Merry Piggin Christmas’ at Three Buns

Address: Three Buns Quayside, The Quayside, #01-01

 Then we Buy!!!

SINdie's Jeremy Sing and filmmaker Eric Khoo
SINdie’s Jeremy Sing and filmmaker Eric Khoo

Comic & Merchandise: Working with leading Singapore comic artists such as Sonny Liew, Otto Fong, as well as celebrated filmmaker Eric Khoo, who also an accomplished comic artist, SINdie has produced a set of 4-panel comics. Each comic is a spoof of one of the 10 selected Singapore films which include Mee Pok Man, The Maid, 881, 23:59, Ah Boys to Men, Ilo Ilo, Apprentice, A Yellow Bird, Lulu the Movie and Pop Aye. The comics will be shared on various social media channels over the next 10 days including the SINdie Instagram page (@sindie.sg) and Facebook page (@sindie.sg).  Merchandise such as T-shirts, posters and postcards featuring the comics will be available for sale. Merchandise details and prices can be found on the SINdie website (www.sindie.sg).

Finally, the Young must Learn! (while we relax)


Conference for JC Students & Graduates: Education consultancy Crimson Education and tuition centre School of Thought are joining forces to host the Real Life Conference to provide 15 to 19 year old students from Singapore with a different narrative: there’s more to life than chasing academic excellence.

The conference consists of talks and workshops that explore themes such as using their privilege as a force for good, dealing with failure and fostering innovation. The full day event on 19 January 2019 will bring together young leaders from all walks of life to help students discover their passions and determine their own higher education and possible career paths.

Held at the School of Thought Auditorium, registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis and priced at SGD 20 (half-day) and SGD 30 (full-day) for students at http://bit.ly/RealLifeConference.

Till, I appear here again, keep busy!




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