Are You the Eldest?

In order to lead a more meaningful and successful life, you have to know yourself better. Though self awareness is a lifelong process, here's a simple way to get started. Your birth order can reveal a lot about you and according to Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, sibling hierarchy can have a profound effect on our... Continue Reading →


Photo by Pixabay on Pride, I had wrapped myself in it. A garb of the young,  the cloak of the naive, The veil of the ignorant! I knew not that time spares none Yes, not even me! Why was I surprised at being thus reduced? Wasn't it, but inevitable? Wasn't it meant to be?... Continue Reading →

Grapho Therapy: Analysing Handwriting for Self-Development

The quest for a better life and for better human condition is constant and it usually takes two complimentary routes.  Removal of negative traitsAddition of positive traits Welcome to my world of wellbeing where I not only offer crisis consultations and Psychotherapy but also focus on different ways in which each and every individual can... Continue Reading →

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