About Me

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I am Psychotherapist & a Mentor

To Teens & Adults.

Prionka is a psychotherapist and a mentor to teens & adults. She is also an author, consultant and the Founding Director of Sequel Counselling & Consultancy. 

Prionka offers Self Development sessions and assists individuals and groups with self-discovery, managing inner conflicts and decision-making.

I help you to find your inner peace & Happiness.

About the Founder

Psychotherapist & a Mentor to teens & adults.

Prionka Ray

Hello! My name is Prionka Ray. I assist teens, adults & families to heal, repair and grow. I also coach individuals and groups to find their full potential. This is an informal, collaborative and confidential therapeutic space. Please stop by if you are looking for counselling- therapy, mentoring, coaching or purpose-driven growth.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Hear from people’s who have received support and care.