Combining concepts of creative problem solving, storytelling and Psychology to help adults and teens reach balance, purpose and excellence.”


I provide therapy/ counselling and coaching sessions for teens, adults & organisations. Self-development sessions are also available.

My approach is informal, collaborative and integrated, which means that you and I will work together to focus more on the positives. It also means that I will use my experience and expertise from diverse fields to help you tap your maximum potential. If you are contacting me for your child/ teen, please be assured that my focus is on increasing the wellbeing of the whole family. I will keep you updated regularly, however, I would not breach your child’s trust in me (unless there’s an issue of safety).

Get in touch if you are looking for:

Counselling and Therapy sessions to heal and to feel better.

Growth and Self-Development sessions to increase motivation and productivity.

Mentoring sessions to keep you actively pursuing your purpose.

Parenting and Family issues

Single Session for dilemmas, decisions or situational anxieties.

A confidential and positive space is available to all.


Click here for enquiry form

Drop me a line at rayprionka@gmail.com if you have questions/ concerns.

Available Sessions (Online sessions & Face-to-Face)

Upcoming Workshops

Story Of Me (Online), a Self-Discovery & Coaching workshop for women.


Friday, Saturday & Sunday| 4.30-7 PM. 24- 26th September

Friday, Saturday & Sunday|12th, 13th, 14th November, 2021

Find Your Purpose (Online)| Duration: 2 hours. Enquiries here.

Parenting your Teen (Online). Enquires here.

Previous workshops & Seminars

Parenting in the age of Social Media (online).

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem & Promote Your Confidence Through Positive Body Image

Why do I need a Therapist?

There are many answers to that. Some of these are:

To get back my motivation.

To feel good again.

To get over my negativity.

To come to terms with my loss.

To be more productive.

To find myself.

To not feel guilty.

To like myself better.

To get along better with people around me.

To clear a trauma.

To handle stress better.

To have clarity etc.

Sometimes we have the key to a better life but need somebody to show us where we left the damn thing.” (as answered in the book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by LORI GOTTLIEB).

(Prionka Ray, Director of Sequel Counselling, Communication & Consultancy. Registration: 53317890L)

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