How to Live Your Most Authentic & Intuitive Life

Our lives, our much prescribed life is spent in constantly trying to achieve goals that seem elusive and in living the dreams which are not always true to who we are. This results in constant conflicts and a feeling that something is amiss.

We were born authentic but over the course of time, we have lost the sense of who we are. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are even bringing our inauthentic self to our parenting, resulting in the next generation becoming stressed and conflicted as well. It’s time to break this cycle and get in touch with our authentic and intuitive self. Therein lies our hidden potential and that’s how we will find our peace of mind.

I recently spoke about this important topic on MWS. MWS is a Jakarta based platform. This talk was hosted by an accomplished educator, Saraswathi.

Here’s a time breakdown of the topics we covered in this video. Hope it resonates with you.

(Courtesy: Manthan with Saraswathi)
5.20: Motivation & calling

9.25: Stress, is that a bad thing?

13.17: How to connect with your intuition and your true potential?

21.20: How can parents guide their children towards cultivating intuitive and authentic self. (To achieve this, kids and teen need rules and structure. They also need to get bored as boredom begets creativity and brings about self-awareness). Authentic living also includes intuitive living. Intuition is like a muscle- the more you use it the stronger it gets.

29.00: Unconditional love works on the premise, ‘I love you for who you are and not for what you do.’

30.00: Your strength is what you are naturally good at. It comes to us so naturally that sometimes we don’t even consider it a strength. Authentic living requires us to get in touch with the natural us.

32.21: What is Gut feel and how can you strengthen that?

37.29: Coaching programme, Story of me: rewriting your story to live your authentic life

42.12: My happiest moment as a counsellor/ volunteer

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