Towards Women’s Empowerment

Happy Women’s Day to all the women!

Growing up, I had not heard of a women’s day. Not even heard of empowerment, and suddenly it has become the buzz word. Thanks to technology, women (and men) can now get together online to discuss empowerment, change processes, identities, true self, independence, gender equality and so on. These are such beautiful concepts and yet they are so difficult to grasp, measure and track. However, we are now in the age of awareness and technology, so we shall get together and discuss, we shall share our views and we shall ponder over the intangibles till it become more tangible. We shall discuss till we don’t need to discuss empowerment for women alone anymore, till empowerment becomes a norm for all. Till that time, here goes…

In a recent panel discussion, I was asked, what the word, Women Empowerment, means to me.

What is Women Empowerment?

To me, Empowerment is when success is not equated to masculine traits and a woman does not need to be like a man to succeed in any way. Instead, she thrives on her own unique feminine traits and partners men without having to change or adjust. The world deserves two perspectives and two strong voices: the men’s and the women’s. So, when both the masculine and the feminine respect and accept each other as different and yet equal, that’s true empowerment.

How can Women Empower Each Other?

By reaching out, by sharing our thoughts and by tapping on to each other’s strengths and talents. Women can support each other by building each other up and not tearing each other down. It can begin small and the movement can grow. Watch our full discussion here

Where does Empowerment Begin?

Right at home where it starts. To move towards empowerment, I hope we can embrace gender-neutral parenting and have the same expectation from our daughters and sons. I hope, we demand the same and we deserve the same, strictly based on our abilities and merit. I hope we become the generation that makes this change possible. Watch my IWD2021 conversation below.

Here’s hoping for the day when these discussions would be gender agnostic. Happy empowerment day everyone!

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