Changi Airport, Jan 2020.

We were on our way to Mumbai. We had received great response from India for the Story of Me Programme and were excited to meet our participants. After a successful week, we had come back happy and grateful. Little did we know that the world was about to change in a matter of weeks.

As everyone struggled to cope with the situation, chaos reigned & self discovery, positivity, support and clarity became even more important. We needed to know our priorities and we needed a new game plan. My pro- bono counselling sessions increased and many of it went online. I found everyone, from migrant workers to locals, from professionals to teens, from entrepreneurs to home makers, struggling equally to make sense of the world around them. Questions emerged: who mattered, what mattered and what now? They were my questions too. I began to find my answers as I navigated them with the others.

The superficial began to crumble and a new perspective came in to light. We needed strength, we needed people who could stand by us and we needed positivity. We needed to become our most resilient self. Worry increased and support came from unexpected places. I am grateful for that. My family became my strength and I, in turn, hoped to become a source of strength to others. We needed to be there for each other.

Even the Story of Me space was needed more. So, this programme that was created as a collaboration between two coaching and wellbeing entities, rolled out a new format, the online format. This allowed participants from different countries to join in and we are glad that we could do this. We both have our own individual work but this collaborative space became increasingly important.

One year since this photo at the airport, so much has changed and yet what matters the most remains the same. As I prepare for the first online workshop of 2021, I am grateful for yet another chance of being part of something positive and empowering. Here’s to a better year ahead!

Nandini Das Ghoshal (Rhizome) and Prionka Ray (Sequel & Wellbeing by Prionka)

Next session of Story of Me online workshop: 26th, 27th & 28th February


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