Are You The Middle Child?

Continuing the series of self awareness based on birth order.

As explained in the previous post, in order to lead a more meaningful and successful life, you have to know yourself better. Though self awareness is a lifelong process, here’s a simple way to get started. Your birth order can reveal a lot about you and according to Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, sibling hierarchy can have a profound effect on our personality, and can influence everything from your career to your choice of friends and even influence who you fall in love with.

Research suggests that your birth order makes a big difference to who you become and it may have more to do with nurture rather than nature. In today’s post, I am focusing on the middle child.

The middle child is both an older and younger sibling in a way, and learns from both the positions. He or she can relate to a group easily, shares easily, and is a good listener. However, the middle child can often feel neglected and that becomes the greatest challenge in his or her life.

Read about the eldest child here

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