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I had wrapped myself in it.

A garb of the young, 

the cloak of the naive,

The veil of the ignorant!

I knew not

that time spares none

Yes, not even me!

Why was I surprised

at being thus reduced?

Wasn’t it, but inevitable?

Wasn’t it meant to be?

It was! And it did

Do away

With my claws,

My edges,

My height.

My walls,

My disdain,

My might.

I was to be


small and slight,

In stature and in circumstances.

Was that it?


I lowered my eyes,

With disbelief at first,

With humility later,

And with acceptance eventually.

I am ready, I said,

To chip off a bit more,

To crumble in places,

I am Ready 

to be,

Reduced as deemed right.

Here I am now,



Less of everything,

And yet at peace.

I am proud still,

But of others,

I am garbed still,

But in reflected glory.

I am resplendent and bright,

But it’s not my light that you see,

It’s light of the world,

That now reflects off me.

It’s only by giving up all I had

That I became more than I could ever be.

©Prionka Ray

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