Have You Tried Writing Your Worries Away?

I write. It’s a necessity of sorts. Whenever my mind is cluttered, I write. Whenever, I need to understand myself or a situation, I write. Whenever I need to heal, I write. The wisdom from come to me in the form of written words. Some of it is my logical self and some of it is my higher self that guides me & tells me what to do.

Sometimes, I write to learn. If I read something that I would like to remember, I note it down. When there’s a life lesson learnt, I capture it. too. If there’s an idea, it sees the paper (or sometimes notes on my phone). Pen on paper, scribbles, letters, cards, notes, doodles and more. I am me when I write.

This is something I read and noted down today. It’s a reminder to me. A small change is sometimes enough. That’s what I am going to do.

If you haven’t tried writing your thoughts, worries, clutter in to words yet, I suggest you give it a try. Couple of lines everyday would do. After all, only a small change is needed.

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