The Art of Giving Without Compromising Your Value

Dear givers & do-gooders, learn the art of giving without compromising your value.

When does Giving Affect your Self Worth?

If you feel that you are expected to be available all the time and if it’s depleting your energy and making you dislike yourself or the person involved, then it’s a sign that things are not well in your giving world. Don’t get me wrong, giving is a good thing but giving your all is not always the right thing for you.

It doesn’t even matter whether you are really being used or not. If you feel it or if it has come to your mind even once, then the damage is already done. This damage is not only to your self-worth but also to your relationship with the one you are giving to.

What is Self-Worth? It is the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.

Give, but don’t give all.
Don’t get used.
Don’t get taken for granted.

Retain your dignity 
Retain your value

How to avoid being taken for granted?

  1. Say no. It’s okay to be quiet if you can’t say no.
  2. Set boundaries. For example, decide how much you are willing to do without feeling compromised.
  3. Communicate clearly that you are feeling unappreciated or let your absence and silence convey the message.
  4. Give yourself permission to walk away if needed.
  5. Identify what exactly makes you feel used or taken for granted. Check if you really feel this way.
  6. Remember you are not responsible for making everyone feel better.
  7. Be assertive. Stick to your decision. For example, “I am sorry and I wish I could help you but I really can’t.”

Remember, you can only give your best and positive self to others if you value yourself. Self- worth is the ability to keep some energy and love for yourself as well. It’s the beautiful act of giving while feeling valued.

Take care of yourself.

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