Grapho Therapy: Analysing Handwriting for Self-Development

The quest for a better life and for better human condition is constant and it usually takes two complimentary routes. 

  1. Removal of negative traits
  2. Addition of positive traits

Welcome to my world of wellbeing where I not only offer crisis consultations and Psychotherapy but also focus on different ways in which each and every individual can flourish. Since every improvement includes self-awareness, growth mindset and self-development, it is necessary to be willing to change for the better, even if it takes time and introspection. However, there is no single path to self-development. Instead, an open mind is needed so that one can absorb and grow in a wholesome and rounded way. I have found great value in integrating concepts from various fields to help my clients achieve balance, purpose and excellence. I am also always open to newer ways of integrating ideas for wellbeing.

Today, I will be throwing light on one of the lesser known methods of self-awareness and correction and it is through our handwriting.

What is Grapho Therapy?

The science of Grapho Analysis goes back to around 300 B.C. when Aristotle discovered the relation between the human mind and their handwriting. However, the popularity of Grapho Analysis picked up only a few decades ago, when it got wider acceptance as an aid in recruitment, guidance and self-improvement.

According to the International Institute of Graphology, Grapho Therapy involves analysis of a person’s handwriting, identification of the negative traits in handwriting and providing the correct formation of alphabets in handwriting. Similarly corrective formations are suggested for signatures as well. The institute clarifies that, “Grapho Therapy is not counselling.” Counselling is the advice given based on the Graphological analysis of person’s behaviour, strengths and weakness, etc and therapy is provided to put correct handwriting formations in to practice.

My Experience with Grapho Therapy

Many years ago, and long before I became a Psychotherapist, I had my handwriting analysed by a gentleman who was an industrialist by profession and a Grapho Therapist by choice. I had heard of him through a friend, and intrigued by the concept, I had sent him (electronically) a hand written sample. It was a photo of one of my scribblings to be exact.

When he sent back his brief analysis, I found uncanny resemblance to who I was. He had even mentioned traits that my friends would perhaps not know. To cut the long story short, Naveen had quite accurately described my personality without seeing me. Naveen and I had never met. We did meet eventually. He was someone who knew my handwriting (and therefore my personality) before he had even met me. Today I am glad to introduce the man who analysed my writing, Mr Naveen Toshnival.

An engineer from Jadavpur University (India), Naveen is an entrepreneur who runs his traditional family business. Analyising handwriting was a hobby for him. However, this passion turned in to a profession soon after. Naveen is a Trait Reader and a Grapho Therapy Specialist based in Jaipur, India. He analyses handwriting and guides people to change strokes to make their lives better. According to him, our minds have a direct connection with the way we write and almost every trait and unique aspect of one’s personality can be deciphered through this analysis. This includes:

  • Intelligence
  • Keenness to learn
  • Friendliness, loyalty
  • Emotional chart
  • Frankness or secretiveness
  • Determination, enthusiasm
  • Self-confidence
  • Short-tempered or cool, egoistic
  • Sensitive
  • Organising ability, engineering ability, creativity & imagination
  • Initiative
  • Ambition, will-power
  • Dishonesty, greed
  • Concentration, precision
  • Independence
  • Resentment etc.
Naveen Toshniwal

Naveen says that the analysis of human character is the first and the most important part of GRAPHO THERAPY, a scientific method that is used to enhance Positive traits and overcome Negative traits. This is done by making simple changes in the strokes of one’s handwriting. He assures that rapid improvements are possible if the necessary strokes are practised diligently each day. He further adds that the traits, when considered individually, do not have much relevance, but when the entire traits are taken in to consideration, the combination depicts the true personality of a person. It’s quite an amazing science. Also, I am told that our handwriting changes over time. I am not surprised by that, Psychology will also endorse that aspects of our personality changes every few yeas, as we add and subtract traits, values, and core beliefs about ourselves. Anyway, I am glad it does, because it means that we have chance to become someone better and better.

In the quest for self-awareness and self-development, handwriting becomes one more interesting tool for us to explore.

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