If You Have Been Hurt

Everybody hurts sometimes. Small hurt, big hurt, medium hurt. All kinds of hurts. And this usually involves another person. This could be a friend, a family member , an acquaintance, a colleague or a loved one.

Hurt begets multiple reactions, but after the initial shock, one of the first reactions is anger and if the hurt is more, then hate sets in. Then enters the inevitable doubt. It creeps in slowly and gets nastier each day. Am I incapable? Am I bad? Am I not worthy of love? Your self esteem and confidence drops. 
Yes, it’s inevitable. 
It’s understandable. 
It’s normal.
Let it be. 
But eventually stop. 
Change the situation. 

Hate and anger can’t stay in you for too long. It eats you up inside, saps you of your energy and fills you with negativity and hopelessness. And what does it do to the person you are hating? 

Conserve that energy. Focus on you. 
Build yourself up. 
Show yourself some love. 

Let the self doubt slowly turn to self care.

Haven’t you heard? Energy flows where attention goes. Focus your energy on yourself. Preserve yourself, protect yourself and nurture yourself. Every challenge comes with an opportunity to grow. So…
Grow. Grow. Grow.

If you are hurt,

1. First accept all emotions. Cope.

2. Then let go of the anger and the hate.

3. Take care of yourself and build yourself up. Let self-doubt dissolve while you grow to become someone new, someone better.

If there’s a choice, drop the negative emotion, choose the positive one. That’s where growth resides. Choose well. 

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