The Power Within: Interview with Van Lee, Founder, Van Lee Fitness

I first met Vanessa when she was a panelist for a women’s conference that I was in the process of creating for Sun Media and the Indonesian Embassy. Vanessa was the youngest panelist there and we had clicked instantly. One day we got chatting at her gym. It was empty at the time and Van Lee told me about the darkest days of her life. She told me about being attacked by someone she trusted, she told me about being mentally weak and then she told me about her comeback.

I had always heard that comebacks need to be stronger than the setbacks and Van showed how it was done. Recognising the need for mental strength as well as physical strength, she trained in Muay Thai and built her self confidence up step by step. Vanessa believes that real empowerment comes when we have the confidence to apply what we know and that ‘shift’ is possible only when we learn to ‘silence the noise around us and listen to our own voice.’

It is my pleasure to bring to you stories of resilience, transformations and change. This story has been captured for The Story of Me Programme. The Story of Me Programme guides women to reflect, reinterpret and rewrite their life stories. 

Presenting my interview with Vanessa Lee, the founder of Van Lee Fitness. Van has empowered countless women over the years, not just physically but also mentally. Vanessa’s own story of transformation from a teen who couldn’t defend herself to becoming the first female Muay Thai trainer in Singapore, and even training the police and the army, is in itself a story of great resilience & transformation. 

 My takeaway from this conversation is the power of inner voice. That’s the voice we should be listening to. That’s the voice we should be nurturing and strengthening, and that’s the voice that will tell us to fight against all odds. But for that, we have to learn to silence the noise around us first and pay attention to the great power within.

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