Stories of Inspiration: Budi Soehardi

Budi and his wife, Peggy with a new entrant at the orphanage.
I have interviewed many interesting people for my writing assignments and some of these stories have stayed in my heart long after my writing has been done. Budi’s was one such story. I had interviewed him once for the IndoConnect magazine, and was so inspired by this friendly and humble man that I stayed in touch.
I know I have done a blog post on this before but I had a delightful chat with him today. So here’s a little update on the orphanage and Budi’s work.
Budi will turn 64 this year. He devotes his entire time to the children under his care now. Captain Budi isn’t flying anymore. The orphanage has 84 kids plus there are 25 kids who live with Budi & Peggy in Jakarta. Budi has been able to send some of them to better schools. Apart from taking care of the orphanage, Budi mentors those who wish to run orphanages and make them self-sustainable. He also gives talks on social entrepreneurship, sustainable farming and organic farming. He has even given a presentation at the UN. He loves to talk about how he converted the rocky soil around the orphanage to a fertile land where they grow everything they need. They have even started producing surplus!! Isn’t that amazing!!
Stories of inspiration should travel far and wide. And so here’s Budi’s remarkable story. Spread the positivity, get inspired and make a difference in whichever way you can.
If you would like to help the orphanage, or reach out to Budi, email


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