Dreams, Goals & Purpose: Story of Me

Source: Story of Me India Edition

Something very beautiful happens when you articulate your dreams. Those impossibly knotted, half-discarded thoughts find place in this world. Out of the dark crevices of your mind, they become free to shine, free to manifest. And…. when you least expect it, one or many of them will come true. That’s the power of acknowledged dreams.

No, don’t doubt this. I have seen it happen again & again. But it will not happen overnight. You will need patience. And it will not happen while you are asleep. You will be alert, awake and making a change, however tiny. And that will be enough.

The Story of Me programme runs in Singapore & India. It is a unique life coaching and Self Development programme, crafted and curated by experienced coaches and mentors. The next workshop is scheduled for 17th of March (More details here)


Peatix link :
URL: http://ptix.at/83ufs2



Why Story of Me ?
We are the stories that we tell ourselves. But what if these stories aren’t working for us or if we want to change the narrative, but don’t know how? The Story of Me is an uplifting workshop that empowers you to rewrite your story and arrive at workable goals.

Who is this workshop for?
Women, whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, educator, homemaker or any million roles that you play.

This workshop is for you if you:
* Want to explore new avenues/ purpose
* Want to gain clarity on what’s holding you back
* Want to get your mojo back
* Want to rediscover yourself and feel energized
* Want to lead a happier & more fulfilled life
* Want to reflect on your life without being judged

Learn more about The Story of Me at: www.storyofmeworkshop.com

Story of Me is created and conducted by Sequel Communications (Reg. No: 53317890L) & Rhizome Learning, Insight & More Asia Consulting Pte Ltd. (Reg. No: 01503582G)


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