Cherish the Little Joys of Everyday Life

Cherish the little joys of everyday life. These rose petals drifted slowly from the vase and fell on the table. They were enough to fill my morning with a beauty of its own.

We all aspire for eternal happiness, constant well-being and forever kind of joy. But that’s not always going to happen.

Life will be full of ups and downs, successes and challenges, and the best way to cruise through that, is to rely on the little joys, gathered from our everyday lives, and held close. These little joys can add up to beautiful treasure of positive feelings. Every Psychological research will tell you that when you experience a certain kind thought and emotion again and again, it becomes a habit. So, value them because over time, they will change your perspective, change the way you approach a problem, and change the way you relate to people. These little happy moments are not just your ‘good to have’, but they are your ‘must-haves’.

Contrary to belief, you don’t need to be immensely blessed with luxury, luck and love to be experiencing these positive, emotions. A moment of pause to admire a flower, a playing child, a beautiful sky, or a helping hand is all that you need sometimes to feel a positive surge of emotions, like the petals above. They changed my emotions and made a huge difference to to my mood.

But before you embark on finding these moments, you need to put together a list of positive emotions. Having a vocabulary of these emotions is your first step towards developing an awareness of positive emotions. Learn to describe each feeling, savour it slowly and the rest will follow.

  • Joy is  a sense of elation, happiness, and exhilaration. It is felt as a sudden emotion due to something good happening.
  • Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness, for something specific or it is sometimes all-encompassing. It may be accompanied by humility and reverence.
  • Serenity is a calm and peaceful feeling of acceptance of oneself.
  • Interest can be described as a feeling of curiosity or fascination.
  • Hope is a feeling of optimism and anticipation about a positive future.
  • Pride is a sense of approval of oneself and pleasure in an achievement, skill, or personal attribute.
  • Amusement is a feeling of lighthearted pleasure and enjoyment, often accompanied by smiles and easy laughter.
  • Inspiration is feeling engaged, uplifted, and motivated by something you witnessed.
  • Awe can be described as an emotion that is evoked when you witness something grand, spectacular, or breathtaking, sparking a sense of overwhelming appreciation.
  • Elevation is the feeling you get when you see someone engaging in kindness, generosity, or inner goodness, spurring you to aspire to similar action.
  • Altruism is usually referred to as an act of selflessness and generosity towards others, but can also describe the feeling you get from helping others.
  • Satisfaction is a sense of pleasure and contentment you get from accomplishing something or fulfilling a need.
  • Relief is the feeling of happiness you experience when an uncertain situation turns out for the best, or a negative outcome is avoided.
  • Affection is an emotional attachment to someone or something, accompanied by a liking for them and a sense of pleasure in their company.
  • Cheerfulness is a feeling of brightness, being upbeat and noticeably happy or chipper; feeling like everything is going your way.
  • Surprise comes as a sense of delight when someone brings you unexpected happiness or a situation goes even better than you had hoped.
  • Confidence is an emotion involving a strong sense of self-esteem and belief in yourself; can be specific to a situation or activity, or more universal.
  • Admiration is a feeling of warm approval, respect, and appreciation for someone or something.
  • Enthusiasm is a sense of excitement, accompanied by motivation and engagement.
  • Eagerness is like enthusiasm; a feeling of readiness and excitement for something.
  • Euphoria is an intense and the all-encompassing sense of joy or happiness, often experienced when something extremely positive and exciting happens.
  • Contentment is a peaceful, comforting, and low-key sense of happiness and wellbeing.
  • Enjoyment is a feeling of taking pleasure in what is going on around you, especially in situations like a leisure activity or social gathering.
  • Optimism is a positive and hopeful emotion that encourages you to look forward to a bright future, one in which you believe that things will mostly work out.
  • The more commonly used term, happiness is a feeling of pleasure and contentment in the way things are going; a general sense of enjoyment of and enthusiasm for life.
  • Love is considered as the strongest of all positive emotions, love is a feeling of deep and enduring affection for someone, along with a willingness to put their needs ahead of your own; it can be directed towards an individual, a group of people, or even all humanity.

(Vocabulary source: Positive Psychology)

How to find these little joys in everyday life? That’s for another blog post.


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