Appreciate Some More Please!

Want to see a transformation? Appreciate someone just as they are. It’s crazy tough but so, so worth it! When you start appreciating/ supporting/ complimenting someone, they begin to transform, they begin to flourish, and that too in a matter of days!

I witnessed this again and again, and in all age groups. In fact, the transformations in the kids and teens were so heartwarming and quick, that it made me wonder why we don’t do this more often. Inspired to try it out, I started silencing my critical inner voice of a Virgo, and paying attention to the things I said and how I said. I got it wrong often, but restarted my efforts again.

I asked others, if they have seen such transformations and the response was an overwhelming, yes. It is true. Hmm… shouldn’t we try it more often then?

Oh, another point! When you enable transformations in others, you transform for the better too. How cool is that! Go, try it!

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