Seeking Experiences, not Things

This year I have travelled far & wide. It was travel for the soul. I have travelled to connect, I have travelled to lend a hand and I have travelled to find myself.

Somewhere along the way, I soaked in different ways of life, accepted polarised ideas, and climbed down multiple jaunty ego towers. I became more reflective, more aware of everything. I found that the only way to live is to immerse myself in the moment and not because I have to but because I want to. There were times that I stayed away from technology and stayed away from packing my day to the full. I decided to go with the flow. I met people who I hadn’t seen in years and I introduced myself to people I didn’t know. Much of it was on impulse. I may not have seen iconic monuments, I may not have bought souvenirs but I know that I have done justice to the moments, and to the people I was with. That’s how I shall live life from now on.


Experiences, not things.
Instincts, not expectations.

Doing things for the soul and immersing in the moment.

Isn’t that the right way to live?



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