Creative Problem Solving for a Better Life

We talk about innovation and we talk about creativity. Those in the field know what these could mean, however for the rest, the words have traditional meanings and connotations. The first word, makes us think of new-age products that make our life better (gadgets) and the next word makes us think about art, design etc. Similarly, when we hear of Creative Problem Solving (CPS), we think of business and customer satisfaction. CPS is indeed that, but in its simplified form, it is also a methodology that is perfect for us, everyday. It’s a way of thinking that can ensure a better life for us.

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What is Creative Problem Solving?

Creative problem solving (CPS) is a way of solving problems or identifying opportunities when conventional thinking fails. This method encourages people to find new perspectives and innovative solutions so that they can come up with Plan B, C and so on, till they overcome the obstacles and reach their goals.

Design thinking (DT) is a process for creative problem solving and has a human-centered core. Conventionally, it encourages organisations to focus on the people they’re creating for, and this leads to better products, services, and internal processes. Here’s more about DT.

However, these are also tools that can be used in everyday life to make our life better. Don’t we all face small and big challenges everyday in our lives? Don’t we need to think outside the box to solve our own problems? Won’t it be great if we could have a creative problem solving mindset in everything we do? Yes indeed! Each and every one of us would benefit from this approach. All it needs is a facilitator to start you on and a sustained practise so that it becomes an ingrained part of your daily life.

This tool is especially useful for kids and teens who struggle with everyday challenges, whether it’s dealing with exam pressure, or peer pressure or societal pressure. If they have simple tools of handling their everyday stress, life would be much easier minus the stress.

I have personally gained from this approach, and have tried it in my workshops and also with the people I mentor. I have never seen it fail. Creative Problem Solving approach is the new-age mindset. It ensures that we are not overwhelmed by the challenges that we face everyday. It’s an empowering approach and a tool for a better life. It needs to reach everywhere but first, we need to start teaching it at the school level.



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