Story of Me

I believed in the power of conversations. I believed in the power of personal narrative and I also believed that people flourish in a supportive and positive environment. What I didn’t know was how much.

We started the Story of Me programme 8 months ago because we felt there is a need to provide a safe space to adults, space that was supportive, collaborative and which had the added element of  facilitation based on proven theories of coaching and mentoring.  We insisted on small group-size and we were adamant about check-in and support, after the workshop as well. The philosophy was to establish a community that thrived in a positive environment, that took inspiration and energy from each other and the one that not judgemental. We felt it was necessary in a society where otherwise, everything else is competitive and transactional. We hoped that we would keep it wholesome and we asked women to join us. Story of Me was rolled out as ‘Women’s Only.’

We knew it was a robust programme but we had not anticipated the 90% success rate. The stories of successes have been heartening, and that’s putting it mildly. We are glad that it turned out this way. We are glad that it remained wholesome and we are glad that it’s making an impact on the lives of those who became a part of it. We are glad that we are building a community.


” If you want to find some clarity about yourself, your career or just a latent part yourself, I highly recommend this workshop.”

” I was apprehensive before I came for this workshop but after attending it, I realized that I had prioritized others for too long and deprioritized myself. It was time to polish up my

“I am glad I came. It helped to articulate the random thoughts in my head.”

“Inspired, motivated, felt energised.”

“This programme is done in a very organized and systematic manner. Very supportive energy from the facilitators.”

“Very good, very important and much needed. The exercises were great. They enable you to narrow down issues, priorities and goals.”

Copy of Poster for Story of Me-6

 These sessions are interactive and introspective. Conversations are honest, positive and fun. We, as facilitators are as energised at the end of a session as the participants are.

Story Of Me returns in August. And I am so looking forward to it!



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