My Blank Bit of Blue

There is a blue felt board just about my work-station. It is the space that I look at the most, so it houses moments important to me. There are photos of  family, friends and there are inspirational quotes and, loads of thoughts, scribbled and typed. It’s a collage of things/ people that make me happy and thoughts that I have accumulated.

But today that board is empty. The blue is stark and it is devoid of thoughts and memories. That should make me anxious, sad or nostalgic or perhaps even empty, but strangely, it doesn’t. I feel cleansed, my mind uncluttered and free. Free to think all over again…

How often do we do this? Clear our space and mind of things, thoughts and beliefs? And how often do we re-validate, re-evaluate and redesign? Not too often, I am afraid. I am also aware that some people, perhaps never go through the process. What a pity! For me though, it was time. In spite of this realisation, this blank board is not deliberate. It just happened, and is a side effect of a planned relocation of space. This move of physical space prompted me to take my stuff down. But, now that I have emptied the board, it all seems very symbolic and profound. It’s like I will emerge again… evolved.

Over the years, I had noticed some of my ideas changing, my belief system realigning and many bias, disappearing. Many a times, I have been proved wrong about people, ideas and situations. So then, I think it is apt that I acknowledge it. It heralds a change and I am glad of a bit of blank. It’s now that I shall choose again. I shall choose, what matters, what is important and what needs to change. It’s not as much about who/ what remains on my board, but it is more about what I think, what I hold important and, who I have eventually become. It is about pausing to know me.

The blank space would be filled up soon, but not yet. I am still introspecting. And it’s a powerful and inspiring message that this blue felt gives me. It says, blank is not scary, it doesn’t mean void. It simply means, one is not afraid to change and one is not afraid to grow.

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