Lessons in Humility

Right before the Hindus celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali, here’s an endearing sight! This video, which is an initiative of Tamil Murasu, featured the MPs of Singapore, decked up in saris to wish the residents a happy Diwali. What a beautiful gesture, Singapore!!

And also happy to see my ex- neighbour, Mrs Josephine Teo in here. Those days, I was totally clueless as to who she was. My bad! We spoke about schools, kids and many other things. When we got talking about work, she informed quietly that she works in the ministry and in Finance. No unnecessary elaborations were provided. By the time I figured out that she’s Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Transport, I was too embarrassed to let her know that I had goofed up. So, she remained, Josephine, who stayed in my estate briefly and I remained her clueless neighbour, Prionka. Dear MP, Josephine, you, as well as the other ministers that I have met so far, and found completely approachable, make me feel proud of this nation that I live in. On a personal note, lessons in humility learnt!

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