The Miracle of Big and Small

Today’s post is dedicated to a precious little boy we loved. Knowingly and unknowingly, he touched as many with his presence as he did with his absence. What I remember most, is his unconditional angelic smile. That smile prophesied and the smile said, “I know.” He did. He knew more about giving back than many of us put together. He inspires me to look around for more of the exceptional, the miraculous and the unconditional. He inspires me to look around for what he perhaps already knew and what we will only begin to comprehend little by little, with time.

They say miracle can only be extremely outstanding or unusual. They say that miracle goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the normal and sometimes even beyond comprehension. Put across like that, it seems almost impossible to believe that miracles exist and even more absurd to expect that it will ever cross your path. However, it does. Perhaps, it depends on what you call a miracle. For me miracle is in the exceptional as well as in the ordinary. It is in the unconditional as well as in the intentional. In a way, it is as much in the act of an organ donor as it is in the story of a student’s resilience. Somehow, it is as much in the act of kindness as it is in the extended hand of friendship. Miracle is both big and small.

Organ donor (Singapore)

(Image: The Bone Marrow Donor Programme, Singapore)

Herlina was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and would have died but Xu Kang, her bone marrow donor saved her with his extraordinary act of kindness. For Herlina, Xu is nothing less than her “angel from heaven.”


2) The miracle baby (New York)

(Image: The Buffalo News)

4 days old Wyatt Eli is the, ‘miracle baby’ born to mum, Kim Vaillancourt. Kim is currently battling terminal stages of brain cancer and for her the baby is exceptional in all ways possible.


3) Charity Worker (Nigeria)

(Image: Anja Ringgren Loven/ Facebook)
(Image: Anja Ringgren Loven/ Facebook)

This Nigerian boy was found emaciated and riddled with worms after wandering streets for eight months. His family had deserted him but he was eventually rescued by aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven. She gave him food and water and took him to the hospital.


Now named Hope, the little guy has put on weight and is doing well. As Loven says, ‘He’s a little strong boy. This is what makes life so beautiful.’ It does!

Student (India)

(Image: Hindustan Times)
(Image: Hindustan Times)

Born in the outskirts of Lucknow, India, Sushma’s father was a daily-wage labourer and mother, a homemaker. Financially, there was an acute struggle. The opportunities were abysmal too but that didn’t stop a little girl interested in books and Sushma went on to create history as the youngest student, aged 7, to pass the class 10 Board exam. This exam is usually taken by 15 year olds. Sushma is now 15 and enrolled in a PhD course!

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis (Singapore)

(Image: Prionka Ray)
(Image: Prionka Ray)

And lastly, the miracle of creation, hope and beauty that is ubiquitous. Like this little flower that chose to come to a plant long forgotten and long barren. And like the angelic little fellow we loved. And like that lady who lends her voice to the books for the blind, the man who sponsors education for the needy and many others who in their small and quiet ways, reach out. They remind us that sometimes exceptional is not about how little you are but it is about how you impact the ones around you.


Coming up next…

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