Spreading love

Come February, there are songs of love, thoughts of love and gifts of love. And of course, there’s the love itself. February is the month when lovers rejoice, reminisce and revel. But whereas some hearts flutter, a few break, rejected. Nevertheless, love remains, somewhere, somehow, in some fluttering heart somewhere.

As the world celebrates the month of the lovers, I am here to celebrate love, whether it’s as friends, as parents, as siblings or as human beings in general: love for the weak, love for the brave, love for the soul and love that’s beyond all the boundaries and beyond time. So, lovers, keep growing your love and my dear cupids, continue to spread love.

Here’s an article that I had written for Femina. It’s dedicated to those selfless cupids around the world.

Femina bonding article

Let’s spread love!

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  1. That was amusing and true to the core. When the friend’s like you, love’s labour isn’t lost lady!


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