My interview with Budi Soehardi

In 2009, CNN honoured a pilot who had founded an orphanage and funded it with his own salary. This man was Budi Soehardi. I had the chance to interview Budi recently for a publication and I am happy to say that my faith on humanity is completely restored.  Though, I meet inspirational people in all the fields that I work in, some leave their mark a bit more than the others. Not surprisingly, Budi is one of them. So, presenting a man who’s extremely genuine and humble in every interaction and whose positive outlook touched me greatly.

He ends his emails with, ‘Life is good, please be in it’ and that’s the sentiment that stayed with me.  It is a privilege to bring here the words of a true hero, Captain Soehardi.

CNN Tribute to Budi Soehardi


And here’s my interview, as published in Indoconnect

(Please click on the image for an expanded view)

Budi Soehardi Budi Soehardi

Dedicated to the extraordinary in each one of us.

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