Music, Laughter and Prayer

Ever had one of those days when nothing feels right? Yes, I am talking of those hopelessly dark days where the only bright spots are either the beads of frustration or the sparks of irritation. However, those days have their advantages too because, on one such day, I discovered that Bhangra and witty women are useful allies.

Source: Punjab Cultural Promotion Council
Source: Punjab Cultural Promotion Council

Now, let us start at the beginning. Bhangra. You mean you really don’t know about Bhangra??? Well, here goes…Bhangra is a genre of music from the state of Punjab in India and though it can have a slower tempo, most Bhangra numbers are fun and peppy and are accompanied by vigorous drumming. There is a stereotype that Punjabis are happy-go-lucky people who know how to have fun. Well, it is true. Do email me if you want to refute but there’s not much point in refuting, really. Bhangra showcases everything that’s fun, joyous, and upbeat. And, just in case you are wondering, if I am from Punjab, stop your thoughts! I am not.

Now, that it is established, let us move to the next definition, that of a witty woman. The rare and refreshing specimen of the female gender, gifted with the art, science and the craft of humour. Blessed are such people, who bring laughter in to this world. This includes both men and women of course, but it was a lady, who ticked my funny bones that day.

To be specific, ‘that day,’ was Thursday in the month of March. I was feeling rather glum and sorry for myself when I switched the music on and instantly, a particular Bhangra beat cruised through my earphones and pulsated through my veins, activating all the feel-good hormones. I could almost imagine many of those hormones going ‘pop, pop, pop’ and waking up, bright-eyed. Since it is rather difficult to sulk with Bhangra music blasting in your ears, I stopped and involuntarily swayed a bit to the rhythm of the music.

That brings me to my next ‘day-brightener,’ the woman with the sense of humour. This slightly elderly woman, with the salt and pepper hair and a comely face was so delightful, that not only me but a whole bunch of people laughed at her descriptions, at her examples and at her brutal honest answers. I have to point out here that she wasn’t trying to be funny, she WAS naturally funny and we were not laughing at her, but we were laughing with her. Such are the joys of laughter that my day sparkled. They say laughter is the best medicine, so I assume that I was adequately medicated as well. My ailment of ‘brooding-itis’ completely cured.

Source: Dave's World Of Wisdom
Source: Dave’s World Of Wisdom

Just a little information here, I am back at school and adding another degree through evening classes and the lady in question was my lecturer. Wish all the lecturers were as entertaining! Needless, to say, my Thursday ended up much, much brighter than before. So, what’s the lesson learnt? Music and laughter are the perfect mood-lifters! I knew that, didn’t I? And I am sure that you know that too, but still, reminders are good. I am also reminded that the simple things are definitely more effective than all those complicated and expensive paraphernalia that we clutter our lives with.  So, I am adding a few more sparks, a few some sizzles, some additional drops of joy and that extra dollop of hope to my life.

One of those hopes is for MH 370, the elusive aircraft. I am hoping that it is found soon. Too many lives are at stake, one of them slightly more in my thoughts as he and I were batch mates. So, my prayers are for his family, but like music and laughter, prayers are not limited to select few or restricted in its quantity. They are to be widely used, generously distributed and spread in all directions. Similarly, my prayers are meant for all. Do help me spread it if you can and while you are at it, spread some music and laughter too. The days are bleak and the brighteners, much-needed.

Photo Credit: Connor Durkin
Photo Credit: Connor Durkin.




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