The Wedding Indulgence

Once in a while, indulgence should take centre stage, worries should be be cast aside and all burning issues lowered on a gentler flame. One such sublime indulgence is attending a wedding, where all things grand, beautiful and happy come together to weave a magical web around you. I am delighted to say that I am caught in such a web and there’s a wedding to attend this month. There, I can already see my worries fading away as a friend’s wedding beckons me to an exotic land. While I am away pampering my senses, painting my palm with henna and sighing at the beautiful bride’s shy smile, here’s a write up that I had done for a magazine on weddings.

All weddings in general allow lowered defenses and pleasing assault to the senses but this writer (me of course!) is completely partial to Indian weddings. I feel Indian weddings are the most colourful, intense and indulgent of them all. So, I put my worldly wise hardened attitude to sleep and give in blissfully to all things beautiful. Let the indulgence begin!


(This article first appeared in IN Magazine/ International, Thailand and Malaysian edition/ October 2013)

Organisation featured this month is a a non governmental organization that educates and empowers underprivileged children from urban slums in Bangalore: Ashwini Charitable Trust.


Before I say goodbye, here is a fundraising appeal. Akash and his team are cycling to raise funds for the welfare of the domestic workers in Singapore. The youngest member of the team is Aman, who is all of 11- years- old and committed to biking 50 Km. Go Aman!

1.0636631d-b2f4-44f9-b6b6-9d0e81bbe498.256.avatarTo help this cause, please visit

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