I am the boss. Such is life!

Life never fails to ignite a range of emotions, never fails to surprise and never fails to challenge the status quo. In short, change happens, the faster we adapt, the better it is for us but then, I can only say this after the process is over. During the process, I am a different person and I sing a different tune. Let me elaborate…..

When faced with a situation that smells of change (nicknamed problems @ times), I react in the following manner and yes, I am quite predictable that way.

Step # 1- I don’t see you


I refuse to believe that things are changing. I look away, I whistle a tune (that’s blowing air furiously and hoping a tune will materialize somehow) and I feign ignorance. This phase is the typical, ‘I don’t see the problem and so problem can’t see me’- The Ostrich Phase. During this phase, I notice the stars, the clouds and every other object around me but not what’s right across my face. I am happy to report that I do succeed in step # 1….. at least, for a while.


Step# 2- Who me?


Problem then stops me and taps on my shoulder. That’s when I look surprised. “You talking to me?” I ask incredulously, eyes rounded in disbelief. “Of course, you have made a mistake!” I insist. When that fails, I act indignant. “How dare you?”



Step # 3- Why me?


This phase is a bit ‘Bollywood- influenced’. It has emotions, drama and comes packaged with sad songs. For the audience around me (read my friends and family), this is the most entertaining phase because engulfed in self- pity, I am a top class entertainer. While I wail, “Why me?” the people around clap with appreciation at the histrionics on display. ‘Maar daala……’, the song plays in the background.


Step  4- What now?


By this time, I am tired of over acting and impatient to get it over.  So, I turn around and look at the change, evaluate it with a wry expression and agree to make a deal. I try to intimidate it with a haughty expression (only if looks could kill!!). I also let it know that I am still the boss and it’s ME who’s calling the shots. But of course!



Step # 5- It’s a deal!


This is where I win. I have called the shots you see! Fine, I did agree to a few changes but that’s because I thought they were logical and because it’s ok to change once in a while. Isn’t it? Especially when you know that you are the boss 🙂

If you are not convinced that I am the boss and that change agrees to my terms, then that’s your problem not mine. I am happy with the way I made the deal!  So, I sigh a bit, think a lot, write a little and worry much. I face the crowd, find the spark, flash a smile and dream on. I know, I know, I have said all these before but it’s true. This is exactly what I do!

Whenever things get bigger than I am, I give myself a prompt promotion. So, there- I am the boss….such is life!I-Am-the-BOSS

Recently, I have come across some committed people who are donating their money and birthday gifts to the less fortunate. And these are the people who want nothing in return except the pleasure of ‘giving’. Elaine, Dhruv, Tiara and the winner of International Children’s Peace Prize, Kesz are some of those people. I would love to talk more about them, but that would be for my next post. That’s also when I introduce the next organisation that’s small on size but big on impact. These are the organisations that are committed to helping others but need all the support that they can gather, so keep watching this space. Till then…..keep that smile and be the boss!

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  1. Hi there my dear long lost ‘gorgeous’ friend! I came across this blog through your LinkedIn profile and I love your writing!!! We must catch up over coffee or tea one day😊😘😘

    Moe Moe xx


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