To my mom

cartoon_mother_day_lovely_children_illustraion_60381_3There are all kinds of mothers in this world. The ones who are born to be great mothers, the ones who stumble in to it by accident AND the ones who never really get it right. And yet all the mothers are special because they allow their kiddos a chance to experience life, firsthand. They are the ones who create life so putting moms in to categories might be unfair, but I will do it anyway. Here goes…

There are mothers who are overzealous about prams and potty trainings, about the perfect manners and the right Orthodontists, about the nutrition on the plate and the grades on the report cards and above all, they are overzealous about perfecting the mothering technique. They are the sublime, superlative and the immaculate moms!!

Then there are the sloppy ones, the ones who are messy with routines and terrible with disciplining, the ones who scramble to get the school lunches ready and mix up the kiddy birthday invites, the ones who misplace the dentist appointment cards and fall over scattered toys. They are a lot of fun to watch and often need rescuing. These are the scatty, whimsical and the super mixed up moms!!


There are of course, the on training moms, the ones who keep learning on the job. They are the ones who make up rules along the way and invent new ways to multitask, they learn from experts, from friends and from their moms and experiment all on their kids. Sometimes they get it right, quite often they don’t but that doesn’t deter them from trying again. These are the innovative, industrious and the adventurous moms!!


The last ones are the perfect moms. They are the ones who hardly lose their cool or raise their voices. Somehow they neither fret nor sweat. They look calm, composed and totally under control. Food appears on the tables, the home works are always done and the kids are beautifully behaved. Their houses look great and they look even better. They have astonishing careers and an even more astonishing volunteering record in their kids’ schools. These are the perfect moms and they are blessed with perfect kids, kids who clean up after themselves, are polite, talented, intelligent and angelic and they even do the dishes. Really??? Nah….

Perfect kids are a myth just like perfect moms. My mom is as imperfect as they get, but I love her nevertheless. I love how she makes mistakes and learns from them, I love the way she faces life without fear and I love the way she ignores the motherhood rules and flaunts her new ones. My mum, she marches ahead, come what may with the confidence that, we, her kids love her. Motherhood makes her fearless, stronger and it makes her even more adorable than ever. That’s the kind of mum I always hoped to be….that’s the kind of mum I hopefully am. To my imperfect mom, I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you working moms, stay at home moms, sloppy moms, sassy moms, lethargic moms, frantic moms, over protective moms, strict moms and chilled out moms. Have a blast, enjoy your motherhood and stop judging yourself.

Leaving you all with a beautiful painting by Katie m. Berggren. Till next time!


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  1. Beautifully written, as usual and very well thought …So true..being a ‘perfect parent’ or a ‘perfect child’ both are the greatest myths of parenting… Let’s bask in the glory of our little world of imperfections that we enjoy with our ‘bachchas’…
    Happy Mother;s day dear….


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