There’s magic in October!

There’s magic in October. This month belongs to my dear Librans and their affectionate personas; to the early Scorpios and their intense psyches. They liven up my life. Things around here would be dull indeed, without these contrast- creators in my vicinity, constantly adding value to an otherwise usual existence.

The month also belongs to the festivities, the rituals and the deities of my ancestral  Bengal, where the celebration of the righteous and the courageous takes place with pomp and show; where the renewing of allegiance to the feminine might has been sustained over the years through symbolic bright vermillion and through pounding beats of the drum- like Dhaaks. We have moved out of the Indian state of Paschimbanga, generations ago and out of the country years ago, but the magic of the ‘Pujo’ remains in our veins and hopefully will pass on to my children with the same pounding intensity.

This month also belongs to the world; the people from various nationalities, communities and sensibilities who mark October as ‘special’ for they too celebrate festivals, National Days or special remembrances, specifically slated for the tenth month of the year. The month is marked by the Navratri Golu dolls and the dandia dance, by the sixteen days of beer- filled Oktoberfest, by Eid and by Sukkot, by the Lupus Awareness month, by the World Non- Violence day, by the United Nation Day, by the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance day,  the World Animal Day and the Canadian Thanksgiving day.

October is not just festive but it’s also patriotic, especially for the people of China, Nigeria, Croatia, Austria and many other nations who celebrate National Day or Independence Day. And of course, October is the month for ghosts! I have met inspiring and interesting people this month, people of different faith and nationalities. It’s time to go secular now with a slight glazed expression. It’s time for the ghosts!

As houses deck up in sinister cobwebs and the little faces get a coat of spooky paint, the month of October bids farewell; to be remembered well and to be awaited next year, with more candies, more remembrances and more festivities. Just a word of caution to the kids- I get spooked easily, so go easy with the Halloween dressing if you are looking for some treats.

Leaving you all with a lovely song by Jonas Alaska. It’s called ‘October’. How quaint! And in case you haven’t noticed, I am going pink, because October is also the Awareness Month for Breast Cancer. Stay safe!

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