Meeting Motivational Speaker, Shiv Khera

We tend to follow, so we look for people to lead. The leaders, we presume are different; they have new ideas, they are fluent and they have mastered their craft. We are pleased with the package. We are also pleased that the leaders radiate charm; are great orators and have impressive personalities as well. What more could we ask for? Accessibility, perhaps? Why not? After all, we do live in a world of accessible information and if inspiration can be made available at a click, or between the pages of a readily available book, then so be it.

My meeting with Shiv Khera was short and yet it was adequate enough, to glimpse the traits of a leader in him. His followers have chosen well. This leader speaks with a conviction that convinces. Here’s our chat session that appeared in ‘India News’ (Oct/ 2011).


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