Destination Unknown

So, I am at a crossroad. What? Again?

Yes, I have a curious streak inside me, which goes snooping around and soon, I find myself at a new crossroad. I am not complaining. On the contrary, it’s so exciting! New is always exciting. It might be an opportunity, leading to a new chapter in my life or it might just fade away, a bit obscure and a bit unviable. Who cares?

If it begins a new chapter, then I will gladly follow the story to wherever it may lead and if it fizzles to nothingness, then I will gladly add it as a layer to my life experiences. I like layers and so should most people. They add depth, colour and substance to any existence. So, there you go, I am all worked up in anticipation and waiting for the tomorrows to unfold, destination unknown, the traveller travels.

On a similar note, one of the cool guys, Eric Clapton said, “Standing at the crossroad, trying to read the signs….”

British- born, Clapton’s life remained marked by tragedies and personal dramas but cool he is, for he still surged ahead, still made good music and still made magic with his guitar (I am partial to such people and to the strains of a guitar). So, here’s to an unknown destination and to Eric Clapton!!

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