There’s Something Wrong with Everyone, But That’s Not the Point!

Things don’t turn out the way you want them to be and this applies to your relationships with people as well. Sometimes we don’t like people because we don’t know enough about them and sometimes we don’t like them (ironically) because we know them a bit too much. I thought I knew about such things but my actual learning came in the form of a girl, half my age who explained to me that knowing might not be such a bad thing.

According to her, there’s something wrong with everyone. Aunty A is too critical, friend B is too judgmental, Mr C is too full of himself, Ms D is indeed snooty and the great Mr G is snoopy at the best of times. I nodded my agreement and she continued that if I agree that there’s something wrong with them, then I also would agree that there’s something wonderfully right about them too. She continued to point out that Aunty A is a great cook, friend B is witty, Mr C is resourceful, Ms D is worldly-wise and Mr G is the first person to jump in when you need help. A bit reluctant, but I had to agree. She was right.

‘So you see’, said the young lady, wise beyond her years. ‘There’s something wrong with everyone, but that’s not the point. The point is that they have chosen to be around me in spite of the wrong that they could see in me’.

Point noted. I have wisened up too and rearranged my thought process. How? Well, I have decided to ignore all the wrongs that I see in all of you, hoping that you will all turn a blind eye to all things wrong that you see in me too and I almost am tempted to add… please!

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