My Current Reading List…

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson: I had a phase of reading only biographies for three years before I ventured back in to fiction again. This book is a classic biography, the kind I love to read and hence this has sneaked in to my current reading list.  Biographies in general are real, inspirational and way more interesting than fiction. This  book, especially, is about as interesting and as inspirational as it can get. I found some bits of the story weird but then, so was the man and maybe that’s what makes a legend. A very interesting read, well written and well-arranged.

The Autism SourceBook– yet to read

Selected Works of Rabindranath Tagore (Jainco Publishers): I am thankful to my mother, who presented this book to me and I am equally ashamed to say that I had not read enough of Tagore’s work before. They say that there isn’t a situation or emotion that has not been captured by Tagore either in the form of his story, poetry, song or painting. His writing, brilliant as it is in craftsmanship, has that one element that I value above all- emotions. Reading ‘The Wreak’ was such an emotional and all- consuming experience for me that I do plan to see the Bengali movie based on the story, ‘Naukadoobi’. I salute this man and will remain an admirer.

Sia by Prionka Ray– I created this story and lived it while creating but it looks and feels different in the form of a book…. sort of a stranger, who I am trying to befriend again.

The Sly Company Of People Who Care by Rahul Bhattacharya– Firstly, let me acknowledge that I enjoyed Bhattacharya’s play of words immensely. Secondly, I enjoyed the aimless wandering with the author through Guyana, Georgetown, Brazil, Venezuela and his mind. The travel left me a bit dazed, disoriented but impressed.

Serious Men by Manu Joseph– A book about smart men by a smart man is how I can sum it up simply. It’s witty and sharp; with dollops of science, a sprinkle of scandal and some sex on the go. The father and son duo, Ayyan Mani and Adi deserve to carry the story on their shoulders as they did.

The Miniaturist by Kunal Basu- I like historical novels, I like art and having heard the author at a Writer’s festival, I had ended up liking him as well. Unfortunately, the book did not reach that expected likeability. It was a bit slow and a tad morose for my taste. The story has been told well and the characters carved with care but sadly, I could not relate to it much.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne– You either know it or you don’t. For those who do, this book remains a cult. I am a follower and this book remains on my bedside.

The Art Of Worldly Wisdom By Baltasar Gracián- Baltasar Gracián (1601- 1658) was  a Spanish writer and Philosopher who is as relevant today as he was then. He is a life coach par excellence and this remains one of my favourite books.

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