Unplugged ‘Fridays’

One day in a week I pull out the plug. Instead,

I charge my battery to the brim with the energy of life itself.

Full of energy and brimming with life, I venture out…on Fridays!

Fridays, I connect with people.

Fridays, I throw caution to the winds.

Fridays, I purge out negative emotions, hurt, disappointments, failure.

Fridays, I heal.

Fridays, I feel.

lighter and brighter.

“Fridays? What’s so special about Fridays?” I am asked.

Why, nothing special at all!

it’s a day as ordinary as any other,

yet to me, it’s special of all.

It’s just a day I have chosen to give rather than to receive.

to trust more, to love more and to believe.

It’s a day I extend that faith to whoever comes my way,

So, if I have passed you even a bit of my faith,

do remember to pass it on to somebody else, in some way.

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